The Mountains. The Broken.

by Troubel

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"The Mountains. The Broken." out December 7th

Real. Pain. Love. Apathy. Grace. Doubt. Truth.


released December 7, 2010

"The Mountains. The Broken." was recorded in Blowing Rock, North Carolina at Grandpa's Mountain House.

Produced by Adam Walton and Eric Scholz
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Eric Scholz



all rights reserved


Troubel Nashville, Tennessee

Troubel is the moniker for folk singer songwriter Adam Walton. Started back in 2010 in the mountains of North Carolina, Troubel has taken many shapes and forms over the years. Sometimes a full band, and other times just a guitar or banjo, Troubel has always been and will always be a vehicle for sharing authentic songs rooted in honesty, vulnerability, and hope. ... more

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Track Name: The Carver
He pulls out his knife, and wipes his brow
Another day gone by, hand put to the plow
Wife is in the kitchen, youngin’s runnin wild
The sun has set so fast, no time for goodbyes

Work all day, and sleep all night
Got no time for wrong or right
Let the winds blow let the blue birds fly
He’s got good vision but he’s blind as midnight

Wake up mister carver, it’s Monday morn’
If you’re not on time, we’ll be at your door
A kiss for your wife, a hug for your kin
C’mon mister carver, you know what time it is

She looks into his eyes
Tears fall from her face
She lays her hand on his chest
To know his heart’s in place
And she says
I’m in love with you
But do you feel the same?
I married the carver
But he don’t even know my name
Track Name: Fine (Many Years Gone By)
A collection of spoons on the wall
Hung by my loving wife
She reaches for the bird food
As the morning sings outside

Many years gone by, my rocking chair’s just fine
No need to hear their song, cause this old body won’t last long

These boot were made for walking
But they haven’t stepped in years
The leathers torn and broken
There’s not much to the heel

Many years gone by, my rocking chair’s just fine,
why open the closet door, I can’t wear those anymore

Is life slipping down the cracks
While I sit here and watch
I must be too old to bring it back
But something says I’m not
Track Name: Just Let Him Be
We came late one night, after hittin the town with my wife
Ready to turn out the lights, but find we’re not alone
Front door smashed, flipped tables and chairs
I hear some footsteps up the stairs
Head for the steps tell her “Don’t be scared”
And she says to me

Come back my love,

Sure enough cops drag him out,
take that son oh gun out my house
Tell my wife he better be careful now of where he steps his foot
Few weeks pass and nothings changed
Hate that man still the same
Go downtown hope to find his name and still she says

Come back my love,

Walking out to in the yard, saw the man in his car
Couldn’t believe he would come this far, after what he did
My blood boiled and knuckles white
Ready to take wrong and make it right
Then out the door comes my wife and she says

Come back my love, Come back my love
Come back my love, just let him be
Track Name: Be My Map
Walking through the forest of my thoughts
Walking through the forest I got I lost
I can’t the way, I can’t seem to weigh out the cost
The more I try the less I find, cause my hearts so blind

Here I go again

I turn around and I’m underneath an apple tree
I look up and I grab myself a bite to eat
I can’t help but feel the shame Adam felt when he sinned
I left her aside along with my pride once again

Here I go again

Be my map, be my compass
Be my shoes, that I can run with
I get lost every time I look away
Look at me, take off your glasses
See me young, before time passes
I’m running and I feel I’m in last place

I’m looking at you…
Track Name: The Fight
How can you write in words
What isn’t meant for paper
My heart knows something’s wrong
My head says we’ll talk later
How can I write a song
If I don’t know what it’s about
When the only thing that’s real right now
Is reality of my doubt

Am I losing the fight
Am I losing my mind
Am I losing my heart
I hope I’m losing my pride
Will I come back again
Oh I don’t know when
If I could turn back the time
I’d never come here again

I want to point at you
But the mirror’s facing me
Inside it’s sometimes bad
But I can make it so pretty
I feel like I’m alone
‘Cause I’m swallowed in myself
But I know that you were sent to me
To save me from myself
Track Name: Come Home
Maybe climb a mountain,
Or swim below
Maybe speak to thousands,
Or put on a show
I never thought the hardest thing I’d ever do
Would be spending so much time away from you

So won’t you come home?
We can throw away our telephone
So won’t you come home my love?
Without you I’m alone

People talk about being alone
But I never knew the feeling
But now that you’ve gone away
I know what they mean
I know you’re out where you need to be
And you’re coming back soon
But dear it’s harder every day
I’m like a dog howling at the moon
Track Name: The Goose With No Goozle
There once was a goose who lived on a pond
He swam it all day from morning till dawn
He'd fluff up his feathers and lift up his eyes
To show off his goozle with glory and pride
One day he was swimming and lost his breath
And off went his goozle as it sank to the depths

The goose with no goozle, He cries with every day
The goose with no goozle, he goes his own way
The goose with no goozle, he tries to make friends
But the goose with no goozle he looks like a hen
A hen

The goose carries on, his head hung down low
Til one day he sees a swan he don’t know
The swan has a crown as she looks for her prince
For a goose with no goozle to fulfill that wish

The goose looks up, right at the swan
She then takes the crown and placed it upon
The head of the goose who once was so sad
but returned the joy that goose once had

The goose with no goozle, with the swan by his side
The goose with no goozle, now calls her his bride
The goose with no goozle, as happy can be
The goose with no goozle, has baby chick-a-dees